What do I bring and wear to my first appointment?
• Please bring a photo ID and copy of your insurance cards. If you filled out the patient paperwork ahead of time, please bring that along with copies of any pertinent medical information that will assist us in your care (medication list, MRI or x-ray reports, MD referral if we do not have this on file already).
• Your primary physical therapist will examine the affected body part which may include hands on assessment and treatment so please wear clothes that allow access to the affected body part and / or comfortable clothes in general for movement and exercise.

How long will the first appointment take?
• Planning for 45 minutes – 1 hour will allow time for your evaluation and check in/check out process

Do I need a referral for physical therapy?
• Medicare requires a referral for physical therapy
• Most other insurance companies require a referral at some point and others may require one to be authorized for physical therapy – we thus recommend you call us to discuss your personal insurance requirements.

Do you accept my insurance?
• We do accept most insurance carriers – please reach out with individual questions however as coverage is so variable overall. We do recommend that you contact your insurance provider to fully understand your personal physical therapy benefits.
• We also have self-pay and financing options available

Who do I talk to about a question regarding my bill /How do I pay a bill?
• For questions about a bill that you have received please call Medical Billing Company (MBC) at (866) 679 – 1600
• You can pay a bill by mail, over the phone to the clinic you are being treated, or over the phone to MBC

Do I need to wear a face mask to my appointment?

• As Covid-19 numbers fluctuate, we are constantly keeping an eye on the community spread levels to keep our patients protected. The CDC is currently recommending that when community levels are “High” people should wear a mask indoors. Call your clinic to double check current precautions but know that we will always have extra masks available and maintain a high level of cleanliness as a standard.